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• 9/16/2018

Replacement of gender pronoun variables (and similar) from in-game text in quotes – how?

  • Should "<PRO_HISHER>" in quotes be replaced with "his/her"?
  • Should "<PRO_HISHER>" in quotes be replaced with "[his/her]"?
  • Should "<PRO_HISHER>" in quotes be replaced with "[their]"?
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• 8/28/2018

Placement of NPC spells and abilities (...and buildings in areas)

Firstly, see the infobox on this page:

As you can see, certain NPCs like Orrick have a very long list of spells and abilities that's causing the infobox to look kind of strange. Should we keep them within the infobox or make a separate paragraph to enumerate them?

Same thing about buildings in a major area. In this case, surely, we'll have a separate paragraph describing them in detail, but should we enumerate them in the infobox as well, or will it look too clumsy in that case?
Orrick the Gray
Orrick the Gray Icewind Dale Wiki
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• 7/12/2018

Expanded NPC/creature infobox with derived stats

Just posted this on Rik's wall, but it should be an open topic:

I've noticed [Rik's] additions for the one or two weapons in the infobox. The BG wiki does handle it different, but that doesn't matter. I've always thought of what about having derived combat stats (and more) in the infobox: not only the creature file's technical THAC0, AC, and such, but a complete overview of attributes, altered by equipment, AC incl. worn armor and DEX bonus, THAC0 with DEX/STR bonus and equipm., and a damage section as well. Though this would make the infobox much longer than it already is.
A workaround would be to use ONLY derived stats, but that would – for possible future contributors – make it much more complicated to fill the infobox in.
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• 6/7/2018

Cleaning sub-categories on Items category page

I see that all the huge number of unorganized sub-categories on the Items category page is making it appear untidy, so I'm nesting them in a hierarchy.

For example, Long swords and Short swords will not be present on the main Items page, but will exist in the Weapons subcategory page (which itself occurs in the Items page). I hope this is okay?
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• 6/5/2018

Spells, continued


I've modified the spell infobox so that it now not only adds spell school categories, but additionally these same with "Arcane" or "Divine" as prefix. Now we have e.g. "Conjuration spells" and also "Arcane …" and "Divine conjuration spells".

And I've started with divine spells of level 1, though I don't know how far I will come today. Wanted to create these up to level 3, then simultaneously expanding arcane AND divine spells by level.

I add – for the moment – only the UNCHECKED information from the NI spell description, nothing more.
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• 6/2/2018

NPC screenshots

Our current NPC screenshots are cropped very tighly, and in my opinion don't look very nice or informative - see e.g.:

I'd like to take new screenshots for all NPCs in the game, with these considerations:

1) 300 pixels wide, to neatly fill out all the available space in the infobox, and because it's helpful to show a bit of the surroundings.

2) I'd suggest 200 pixels high, because it looks nice.

3) Without selection circles, where possible.

4) Without the sprite outlines and blurry smoothing that the Enhanced Edition *optionally* offers, because I don't like them and because the screenshots should represent both the original and enhanced edition.

But I'm not sure what zoom level would be best.

Without zoom they obviously represent the original game most faithfully, and it does have its charm, but it also means the characters look quite tiny when the wiki page is viewed on a modern monitor...
Scaling them up by 200% looks pretty good, although obviously the lack of detail in the sprites (e.g. faces) becomes more pronounced.

What do you (other wiki contributers) think?

I've shown an example of both, on my sandbox page:
Ineth/Sandbox Icewind Dale Wiki
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• 6/2/2018

Random treasures pages

The title of the page
[[Random Treasures in Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition]]
suggests that a separate page will be created for the non-enhanced edition.

But if I remember correctly, the EE changed nothing (or almost nothing?) in those random loot tables.

On the other hand, the HoW expansion apparently did change those loot tables quite a bit compared to the original IWD, even in the the base game areas. But I think the locations were kept the same, just various items added/removed from the lists.

So maybe it would be best to have a single "Random treasure" page, with a three-column table:
column 1: random item locations
column 2: items list for that location in IWD without HoW.
column 3: items list for that location in IWD+HoW and IWD:EE.

But does anyone still have access to an IWD without HoW?
I have the non-enhanced IWD on GOG, but haven't installed it in a while and afaik it already comes with the HoW expansion pre-installed.
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• 5/27/2018

Image uploads and their naming

As you have noticed, Rik, I've started uploading spell icons. Stopped then, and will continue doing it when I've brought some structure into it. (Currently I make a list of every spell/ability name, arcane/divine/… and the BAM files they use.)
So I will undo your two edits, because the added images to those spells are indeed the icons, the "description images" will follow – which are larger and fit better into that place in the infobox.)

From your summary I read, that you would prefer image naming reduced to the simple filename, extracted with NI. I have that included in my naming, but like to have the proper name at the start, at least for images that are used more or less uniquely. So if the e.g. Flame Arrow icon is used for the flame arrow only, it should be named File:Flame Arrow CODE as well. I've also put "Icon" and "IWDEE" into the images' names, to make clear what it is about. The second Flame Arrow image e.g. would be named "File:Flame Arrow Description IWDEE CODE", to distinguish it from the icon. And if they bear the proper name, they are much more easy to find. With only the file name, the CODE, readers/contributors who don't use NI won't find anything (and probably make duplicate uploads).

What do you (all!) think about this?
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• 5/26/2018

Adding Item pages

Just to let others know, I'm posting this here.

I'll be adding a series of Item pages from NearInfinity in the alphabetical order (or roughly so). Since I've not completed HoW and TotLM yet (and completed IWD:EE only once), I may not be able to include many of their locations and any specific information or in-game insights that may not be available directly from NI. So if you find something missing, feel absolutely free to add them in those articles.

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• 5/25/2018

Caching issues

I have some caching issues today: categories don't update, changed formatting isn't shown, … CTRL+F5 doesn't help always. So I stop working on my templates for some time (today, couple hours, will see).
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• 5/25/2018

Location of Class Descriptions?

Does anyone know in which file(s) the description of any particular class is located? By description, I mean the text that appears when selecting the class during character creation.

This is because the info in the manuals seems to be a little outdated considering the recent patches, and it'd be nice to include the most relevant information.
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• 12/1/2016
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