Amalion is an enchanted longsword +3 which is very effective against salamanders.


This long sword is part of a matched pair of weapons, the other being the short sword Malamion. Alamion's blade is slightly thinner than a typical long sword blade and features a thin fuller down the center. Acid-etched snowflake patterns are scattered along the length of the blade, most of them concentrated towards the hilt.  The hilt of the sword is made of bronze sandwiched between two off-white pieces of ivory carved to show clouds unleashing winds and snow. The grip is covered with mother-of-pearl lashed securely into place with bronze wire. The pommel of the weapon is a solid bronze globe with the snowflake lozenge of Auril etched into the bottom.

The full history of this blade and its brother have been well documented. Roughly two hundred years ago, a wizard from Shannath named Obren the Left-Handed was hired to make a pair of swords for the glory of Auril. Obren reluctantly did so, producing Alamion ("Frost Daddy") and Malamion ("Frost Baby") over a five year period. After a dispute about Obren's fee, priests of Auril tried to take the sword from him by force. The exact outcome of the battle is unclear, but Obren's swords did not end up in the hands of Auril's faithful. Thirty years later, a warrior named Berdino in Procampur bragged that he had a blade that could kill demons in a single strike.  Berdino was found dead on the shore two tendays later, the victim of many poisoned crossbow bolts.

The new owner of Alamion was a vain, egotistical thief called Pellas the Fair.  Pellas had acquired Malamion, quite by accident, fourteen years earlier and strongly desired its brother when he learned of its existence. Pellas held onto the swords until he died at the hands of a paladin named Garijon Renold of Torm. Garijon found the blades invaluable in his battles against the fiery denizens of the outer planes and the two swords were passed on for generations from paladin to paladin.

Heleban of Ithmong, a paladin of Tyr, was the last warrior known to have used the swords. His battles against slavers and pirates on the Sword Coast are believed to have brought him to an untimely end.

Acquisition Edit

Lower Dorn's Deep: