Armor Class is a game statistic which determines the chance that a physical attack with melee or ranged weapons can hit a target, it does not reduce the amount of damage dealt. This number is between 20 and -20 and the lower your number, the better the odds are that the creature can avoid a lot of blows before getting hit.

Dexterity and armorEdit

Dexterity gives any character you create a bonus or a penalty depending on the number. body armor and shields also influence armor class and heavier armor gives you a better armor class, but the heaviest armor can only be worn by members of the warrior group.

Armor class in the game filesEdit

If you look in the games, you have column Parameter 1, which is the number and parameter 2 which determine the type of armor class. There six types of armor class.

Param 2 value Type armor class Param 2 value Type armor class
16 Basic armor class. 2 Missiles attack armor class bonus.
8 Slashing attacks armor class bonus. 1 Blunt attacks armor class bonus.
4 Piercing attacks armor class bonus. 0 Armor class bonus.