Hide armor are all types of body armor which are made from the skins and furs of animals and monsters, which does include leather armor (which is made from cow skin or something fancy as dragon skin). In some cases, this criteria is quite arbitrary, as there are many armor made from hides, but clearly are mail armor or plate armor version of mail or plate armor. In case you aren't certain it belongs here, look at which classes can wear, the armor class modifiers, strength requirement and see if it matches it of a normal studded leather armor, leather armor or hide armor.

Yeti Hide Armor +1

Requires 10 Yeti Pelts, and is made by Orrick the Gray in Kaldahar. Cost is 2500 gold and it takes three day's. I did not see the value because the properties of the hide armor are as follows: AC: 5 (7 vs piercing and missile) +15% Cold resist, -3% Fire resist, -10% Open Locks, Pick Pockets and Find Traps, -20% Hide in Shadows and Move Silently.

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