Easthaven is one of the Ten Towns of the Icewind Dale region, and the starting area of the game Icewind Dale.


Located south of Caer-Dineval on the shore of Lac Dinneshere, Easthaven is a quiet fishing village that mainly exports scrimshaw made from knucklehead trout.


Outer ring, in counter-clockwise order:

Along the waterfront, in clockwise order:


Name Role Location
Damien child outdoors
Jhonen fisherman outdoors
Elisia sea spirit outdoors
Apsel scrimshander outdoors
Accalia acolyte priest temple
Everard head priest temple
Hrothgar town leader his house
Gaspar fishmonger his house
Grisella barkeeper tavern
Hildreth Highhammer adventurer tavern
Pomab Ak'azmhir storekeeper store
Quimby innkeeper inn
Erevain Blacksheaf traveler inn
Old Jed fisherman his house
Churin warehouse master warehouse


Prologue Edit

The game starts in Easthaven, and the portion of the main story line that plays here centers around preparing for an expedition to Kuldahar with Hrothgar. In addition, various optional mini-quests and interactions are available in town.

Plot Given by Reward
1. The missing caravan Hrothgar 1200-2400 xp
2. Deliver a list of supplies to Pomab. Hrothgar 1200 xp
3. Embark on the expedition. Hrothgar -
Optional quests Given by Reward
Damien's fish Damien 1200 xp, loot
The dream song Jhonen 2400-4800 xp
A bottle for Old Jed Old Jed 1200 xp, 6 gold
Apsel's wolf problem Apsel 1200 xp, 25 gold, Apsel's Dagger
The fishmonger's supply problems Gaspar 1200 xp
Kill the beetles in the tavern cellar. Grisella 1200 xp, 5 gold
Get funding for a dwarven expedition. [Dwarf] townsperson Andar Gem
Sing a tale of your journey. [Bard] townsperson Moonstone Gem
Rebuff shorty stereotypes. [Halfling] townsperson Knucklehead Trout

Chapter 6 Edit

The party returns to Easthaven in the course of the main story line, in chapter 6. The side-quests from the prologue are no longer available then.

Plot Given by Reward
24. Learn how to enter the tower. - 280,000
26. Kill the demon. Everard  ?
Optional quests Given by Reward
Accept a blessing. townsperson 5 potions
Get additional funding for your dwarven expedition. [Dwarf] townsperson potions, magical arrows

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