::My heart is Jho-nyn's, but he cannot see me in the flesh, or else I will become as the currents upon the shore.::

Elisia-of-the-Sky's-Mirror (tooltip Strange Blue-Skinned Woman) is a sea spirit of Lac Dinneshere.

Location[edit | edit source]

She can be found in the south-west corner of Easthaven, by the shore of the lake.

Background[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about her race, but she can be observed to have blue skin, light green hair, and Elf-like features. She lives underwater in the lake, and communicates through songs and dreams.

Almost a century ago, she was in love with Aihonen, a great human warrior. When Aihonen died battling the dragon matriarch Icasaracht over Lac Dinneshere, his sword sank to the bottom of the lake.

Based on a promise Elisia had previously made to Aihonen, she is duty-bound to return his sword to his blood-line – and she intends to fulfill that promise by delivering the blade to Jhonen, a fisherman of Easthaven and Aihonen's descendant, whom she's now also fallen in love with.

She cannot meet Jhonen face to face, because that would cause her to turn into water and flow away. Therefore, she has been attempting to contact him through his dreams.

Interaction[edit | edit source]

Your party meets her in the course of the quest The dream song.

Three special interactions are available (you can do all three):

Answer her song with your own[edit | edit source]

If the party member you selected to talk to her is a bard, you can sing back at her. For this you get an extra 1200 xp.

Dialog path
Perhaps I can answer your song with another, my lady...

As you sing, the woman lends her voice to yours, creating an interweaving melody. To your surprise, you find you *understand* her song—and what has brought her here.

(This option is lo longer available once you've mentioned Jhonen to her.)

Learn her song[edit | edit source]

If the party member you selected to talk to her is a bard, then after you've told her that you met Jhonen and she asks you to deliver the blade to him, you can ask her to teach her song to you to prove her good intentions. For this you get an extra 1200 xp.

Dialog path
Forgive me, Elisia-of-the-Sky's-Mirror, but there are *many* tales of gifts that are more than they appear, perhaps even dangerous.

::I mean no harm upon Jho-nyn.::

Ah, I did not ask about your intentions, I asked about the *gift*—you've said nothing of what it may do. As for no harm upon Jhonen, well, your dreams are already hurting him, whether you mean them to or not.

::The dreams were the only way I could speak to him.:: ::The blade is for him.:: ::I only wish him to dwell in the waves beside me.::

But humans can't *live* beneath the waves, Elisia. For your kind, you are obviously headstrong to appear upon the shores here where anyone may see you. That speaks to me a desperate heart. And a desperate heart does dangerous things.

::There is no truth I can offer in these broken words that will show you that I nor this gift mean Jho-nyn harm.::

Words may not suffice to show me your intentions, but a song might. Teach me your song, Elisia, and I shall see to it the blade you hold is carried safely to its rightful owner.

She sings, and you *feel* the words rather than hear them. Images of the lake, the currents, and Elisia's watch over the skeletons of all those that lie beneath the waves, dragon and human, fill your vision. When her song ends, you feel yourself stunned for a moment. She is trustworthy—and she carries nothing but love in her heart for Jhonen.

(Alternatively, instead of asking to learn her song, your bard can ask her for a "physical token" of her intentions, in which case she gives you Elisia's Token of Faith, which doesn't seem to have any use and is not accompanied by the xp reward.)

Give her closure[edit | edit source]

When you report back to her after having delivered the blade to Jhonen, she gives you a pearl and you get 1200 xp.

Alternatively, you can keep the blade and lie to her about having delivered it, in which case you get the pearl but not the xp.

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