Battlelord Everard is the head priest of the Temple of Tempus in Easthaven.

He can be found inside the temple.

Background Edit

When the temple's previous head priest, Renfeld, was killed, Everard – who was wounded himself – took over this position for the Order of the Broken Blade, a sect of followers of Tempus (the Lord of Battles) who are no longer fit to fight on the front-lines, so instead they serve their god by protecting his holy sites.

Everard still quarrels with his new duty, both because he misses the battlefield, and because he disagrees with the historic choice made by Jerrod during the Battle of Jerrod's Stone... And it is Jerrod's tomb below the temple – Jerrod's Stone – that makes this a holy site.

Initiate priestess Accalia helps him with his tasks.

His injuries also prevent him from accompanying Hrothgar's planned expedition to Kuldahar.

Interaction Edit

If you talk to him during the prologue, he tells you a bit about Tempus, the order, himself, and Jerrod, and his strongly held opinions about the latter.

Much later in the game, he plays a part in the main story line – see chapter 6.