Gold Piece Gold Pieces are the currency of the Forgotten Realms in which the game is set. The player's wealth can be seen the right top of the inventory screen of any party member. Prices vary depending on Charisma of the character who is currently leading the party, and not the first character created in the party creation. The better the charisma of the character, the lower the selling prices of the merchant selling items to you. In Icewind Dale II, prices are also influenced by some feats, such as Mercantile Background.

On the item pages, the item value is the neutral value or the 100%. Items are usually bought from merchants above 100% and sold to merchant beneath the 100% value.


Gold is the standard of currency, commonly called Golden Lions throughout the Realms, though only the Cormyan coins carry the figure of the lion on the coin (Sembian gold coin designs vary from year to year but always retain a five-sided shape). The most common in the southern regions are the Amnite danter, though there are a number of other golder coins from Tethyr and Thay, as well as a number of private mints (including some adventuring parties).
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