Ho there, friend.

Hrothgar is an experienced fighter, protector of Easthaven, and the person who addresses the party at the start of the Icewind Dale game.


Originally from Hillsfar, he was an adventurer who travelled a lot in his younger days, but now he has settled down ("semi-retired", in his words) in Easthaven where he has become the inofficial town leader and protector.

He keeps a number of trophies from his adventuring days in his home.


He addresses your party at the beginning of the game in Easthaven's Winter's Cradle Tavern, and:

  • Warns you not to harm the villagers.
  • Tells you about the stores and services available in town (with the advice to buy equipment at Pomab's Emporium).
  • Invites you to his home to discuss some business.

When you go to his home and talk to him again there, he tells you about his planned expedition to Kuldahar (see the prologue article), and gives you the quest The missing caravan.