This page gives examples of some of our best pages for each category, to help new editors create great pages for the wiki. The model pages can be considered as a guideline when making a certain type of pages. It does not mean that all pages of a certain typ should have a similiar look, if it would lead to loss of quality for a specific page. This page also has a lot of links to the infoboxes and a description on how they work.

Items[edit source]

Template:Infobox item, due to the amount of lines, it's has become a quite complex template to use, we therefore refer you read the instructions on the template page itself.

Locations[edit source]

Template:Infobox location for more information on how the template works.

Buildings[edit source]

NPC's[edit source]

See Template:Infobox NPC for more information on how the template works.

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