Kuldahar Pass is the area where the party ends up after escaping the avalanche further down in the pass.

Locations Edit

Water Mill Edit

This dilapidated mill is in the very north-west of the area. It has been overrun by the surrounding goblins, and houses Uligar and his orc band inside. The basement contains some goblins and minor loot. Behind a door under the stairs, you can find Jermsy, a child whose father and sister were slain by the orcs.

Broken Tower Edit

The non-hostile ogre Ghereg resides alone in this tower, situated north-east from the avalanche area and west from Kuldahar.

Canyon Edit

The canyon sublocation is the site of a very recent ballte between a group of goblins and some beetles, located just north and to the left of the Broken Tower. Aside from a moderate amount of goblins to slay, there is nothing else of interest here.

Notable InhabitantsEdit

Hermit Edit

This strange old man is encountered just after you survive the avalanche in Kuldahar Pass. He offers some dialogue, pointing the way to Kuldahar. Strangely, if attacked, he will teleport away after a short delay. If you leave and return some time later, he will similarly have vanished. A small cave just to the south of him may possibly be his home, though it seems to only extend a small way into the cliff face.

Ghereg Edit

Found in the Broken Tower sublocation, Ghereg is a non-hostile ogre who is suffering from a bad bout of headaches. He can be cured either immediately by a Druid, or by talking to Arundel in Kuldahar. Alternatively he can be goaded into attacking (or you can simply just attack him outright), and killed with relative ease.

Talking Goblin Marshal Edit

This odd non-hostile goblin complains about buzzing and whispering in his head causing him headaches. There is no way to save him from these headaches, however. He can be easily killed for a small amount of XP.

Uligar Edit

Upon entering the Water Mill, you will be confronted by Uligar and his band, who will demand tribute from you. Regardless of whether you agree to his request or not, you will be attacked at the end of dialogue. After his death, he may be looted for a random minor magical item and minor loot.

Jermsy Edit

Found behind a door in the basement of the Water Mill, Jermsy will tell you about how his sister and father were slain by golbins, presumably the bodies seen on the first floor. With some encouragement, Jermsy will depart for the safety of the temple in Kuldahar, rewarding a fair amount of XP.


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