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The Mantle of the Coming Storm is a unique enchanted cloak.


Equipped abilities:

  • Armor Class: +1
  • Save vs. Paralysis: +1
  • Fire Resistance: +30%
  • Cold Resistance: +30%

Charge abilities:




This seemingly threadbare robe had become "dormant" upon Lysan's command so as not to expose herself as a priestess of Auril. When as much as a single snowflake falls upon the robe, it transforms into a scintillating cloak of white that allows the wielder to float above snow drifts and walk through even raging rivers with ease. Most merchants will not wish to purchase this item, or will do so at a very low price, as they see it as a sacred item of Auril the Frostmaiden and likely to attract her followers... and her displeasure.

Created during the ceremonies of the Coming Storm (the onset of winter) to Auril, these robes are specially created to resist flames and allow the wearer to resist any attempt to stop or hold them. Although the priestesses of Auril are naturally resistant to cold and can move through snow and icy rivers with ease, these cloaks amplify the protection of the goddess, allowing the wearer additional cold resistance (which allows a wearer already immune to cold to absorb its power) and even goes so far as to leach the heat from fire attacks directed at the wearer. In addition, the robe may be invoked to allow the wearer to pass over or through any obstacle designed to hold them, such as Web spells, ghoul paralyzation, Hold Person spells, and the like.