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Pale Justice is an enchanted long sword +4 which can only be wielded by paladins.


This sword was made with one purpose: to destroy evil. Though a powerful weapon, Pale Justice has humble beginnings. The plain sword was crafted by a devout worshipper of Tyr named Renold. Renold spent thirty years of his life perfecting the metalworking techniques that allowed him to craft an almost flawless blade. As soon as Renold had completed the unadorned weapon, he turned it over to the church of Tyr. The priest who received it placed the naked blade on his monastery's altar. He asked his brothers to join him in praying to Tyr to ask their god to bless the weapon with holy power. The brothers never touched the blade, nor did they speak of it. After ten years, despite the fact that all of the other brothers lost faith in the blade ever becoming enchanted, the original priest, Edan, continued his prayers in silence. Another twenty years passed, and there was still no sign from Tyr. Visiting priests of Helm scoffed at Edan's blind devotion to the blade. It was then that, without warning, Edan walked up to the altar and gently removed the dust-covered blade from the altar.

The priest of Helm asked Edan if he had finally come to his senses. Edan replied that he had, that he had been expecting the wrong thing from Tyr the entire time. He stated that Tyr had done his work long ago.

The priest of Helm laughed out loud at Edan's claim and asked his bodyguard to draw his sword. The magnificent weapon in the hand of the Helmite had a gilded guard set with pearls. Runes were etched along the blade, with a small cluster of fine rubies set in the ricasso. The priest of Helm laughed again and spoke. "This is truly a sword blessed by the gods. Your weapon looks like an ordinary soldier's blade. It pales in comparison."

Edan calmly grabbed the blade by the tang and swatted at the guard's weapon. The priest of Helm's laughter cut off quickly as he stared down at his retainer's broken weapon. He stood there speechless as Edan set the blade down and began to reply.

"Justice always pales in comparison to vanity and ostentatious displays of power. I expected Tyr to manifest his divine will in this blade with lightning and fire. I should have remembered how the blade was given to me... with simple charity and humility. Justice is the right of every man, no matter how rich or poor, no matter how educated or ignorant. It should be found as often in the fields of farmers as it is in the fields of battle."

Edan took the blade to a local weapon smith and had him put a wooden, leather wrapped grip on it. He then gave it to a fledgling paladin and asked him to always remember the potential for charity and kindness in the human race.


The sword acts as a long sword +4 against non-evil enemies, and as a long sword +7 against evil ones (except for the enchantment level for the purposes of what it can hit, which is always +4).


Lower Dorn's Deep:

Original game and Enhanced Edition:
In the middle of the western part of the Artisan's District, there are some houses. If a party member comes close, two aggressive Umber Hulks appear from holes in the buildings. Behind the wall of one these houses, a secret area can be found and there lies a human corpse which holds the sword. In Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, the Umber Hulks appears after the party completed Voice of Durdel Anatha quest.