The Prologue introduces the party to the Icewind Dale region, the village Easthaven, and the people living here. It covers the first quests for the party, and finally sends them on an expedition to Kuldahar, where shortly after their arrival the Prologue will be finished, and Chapter 1 will begin.

Intro slide[edit | edit source]

Our tale begins here, in the quiet fishing village of Easthaven. One of the so-called "Ten Towns" of Icewind Dale, the tiny community is hardly a town, but rather a collection of ramshackle huts crowded together upon the icy shores of Lac Dinneshere. Here within a dimly lit tavern, a group of travelers sit huddled around a table, swapping tales and making grand plans for the future, completely unaware of the part they are to play in the events that are about to unfold.

— Narrator

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

A welcome[edit | edit source]

The Prologue begins with our party in the Winter's Cradle Tavern being addressed by Hrothgar, who introduces himself as some sort of patron of Easthaven. It seems, he doesn't mind a rebuffing answer, "Who I am is none of your concern," but no matter how the party leader reacts, Hrothgar will warn them to show manners.

A spirited one, eh? I like that. Well, whatever your business in these parts might be, I would offer you this small piece of advice: while you're in my town, you'd do well to be on your best behavior. These folk are under my protection, and anyone who would seek to do harm to them in any way shall answer to me.

He then tells them about some useful people and places in the village – Quimby for lodging at the Snowdrift Inn and Pomab's Emporium for supplies – and eventually invites the party to visit him at his home. Then he leaves them to their cups.

Journal entry

Important events
Today our party arrived in the snowy, lakefront community known as Easthaven. Weary and half-frozen from the road, we hastily made our way into the local tavern to find a hot meal and some friendly conversation. Scarcely had we seated ourselves at a table by the hearth when we were approached by a burly warrior who called himself Hrothgar. He seemed friendly enough, but something in his eyes warned us that he wasn't one to cross. He politely asked us to come see him at his home, a couple doors west of the tavern, to discuss business of some sort.

Agree to join Hrothgar's expedition[edit | edit source]


Questing in Easthaven[edit | edit source]

Before going off into the dangerous wilderness to look for the caravan, you might want to do a few side-quests in Easthaven to gain XP and level up:

Optional quests Given by Reward
Damien's fish Damien 1200 xp, loot
The dream song Jhonen 2400-4800 xp
A bottle for Old Jed Old Jed 1200 xp, 6 gp
Apsel's wolf problem Apsel 1200 xp, 25 gp, Apsel's Dagger
The fishmonger's supply problems Gaspar 1200 xp
Grisella's beetle problem Grisella 1200 xp, 5 gp
Get funding for a dwarven expedition [Dwarf] townsperson Andar Gem
Sing a tale of your journey [Bard] townsperson Moonstone Gem
Rebuff shorty stereotypes [Halfling] townsperson Knucklehead Trout

(All of these can be completed before finding the caravan, except for Gaspar's quest.)

The missing caravan[edit | edit source]

Main article: The missing caravan

Deliver a list of supplies to Pomab[edit | edit source]


Embark on the expedition[edit | edit source]

Before continuing, make sure that you have done all the #Questing in Easthaven that you want to do – you won't get another chance to do so after you've left on the expedition.

When you're ready to leave Easthaven behind, tell Hrothgar.

The party, together with Hrothgar and the other expedition members, sets off on their long hike southwards – through the plains of the Icewind Dale, into the Spine of the World mountain range, and there towards Kuldahar Pass...

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Reach Kuldahar[edit | edit source]

Optional quests Given by Reward
An ogre with a headache Ghereg 1200 xp
Rescue Jermsy Jermsy 2400 xp


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