Quarter staffs or quarter staves are the first weapons every party member has when a new game is started. It can inflict between 1-6 points (1d6) of crushing damage and it has speed factor of 4, which is quite decent. It requires two handed to be wielded, which means that you can't use a shield. But, the weapon has range of 2 feet, which means that if a tank stands between the enemy and a party member wielding it, the party member can participate in melee combat, with the possibility of not getting hit. The strength requirement of quarter staves in general is 5 and this weapon is no exception. Most weapon merchants sell this weapon for 1 gold coin.


The simplest and humblest of staff weapons, the quarterstaff is a length of wood ranging six to nine feet in length. High quality quarterstaffs are made of stout oak and are shod with metal at both ends. The quarterstaff must be wielded with both hands.

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