Sanctuary is a level 1 spell from the Priest Scroll in Icewind Dale.


โ€œ When the priest casts a Sanctuary spell, it causes all of <PRO_HISHER> opponents to ignore <PRO_HISHER> existence as if <PRO_HESHE> were invisible. While protected by this spell, the subject cannot take direct offensive action without breaking the spell, but can use non-attack spells or otherwise act in any way that does not violate the prohibition against offensive action. This allows a warded priest to heal wounds, for example, or to bless <PRO_HIMHER>self. The priest cannot cast spells on other creatures without ending the spell. โ€

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There is no scroll for this spell, though the icons exist. Sanctuary SPPR109A Scroll icon IWDEE Sanctuary SPPR109A Scroll icon IWD
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