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The Severed Hand is the ruins of an ancient elven fortress.


Main article: Hand of the Seldarine

It is located in a snow-free valley in the southern part of the Spine of the World mountain range.

The fortress was built and inhabited by elves long before the events of the Icewind Dale game, as a stronghold called the Hand of the Seldarine. What remains of it now is weather-beaten and partially collapsed.


Main article: Chapter 3

When your party reaches the Severed Hand, chapter 3 of the game starts.

The goal is to find Larrel's room inside the fortress, and then restore Larrel's sanity so that he can use the Heartstone Gem to reveal the source of the evil that's plaguing Kuldahar. (This requires finding four Machinery Pieces strewn about the fortress.)

In addition, there are some optional side-quests (see below).


In this game, the Severed Hand consists of a base tower with four floors, and on top of it four smaller towers (the "fingers" of the hand) with several floors each.

Map NPCs Quest content
outdoors -
Base tower
Level 1a - -
Level 2a - -
Level 3 - -
Level 2b - -
Level 1b -
Level 4 -
Upper part
Labelas Tower,
bottom part
  1. destroyed level


Solonor Tower

  1. shrine
  2. common area
  3. church
  4. quarters

Corellon Tower
  1. briefing room
  2. war room
  3. quarters
  4. arboretum

Shevarash Tower
  1. holding cells
  2. training room
  3. training room
  4. hippogriff stalls

Bridge - -
Labelas Tower
  1. quarters
  2. library
  3. astrolabe

Sehanine Tower (the weapons tower) is not part of the Severed Hand, because it was destroyed when the Hand of the Seldarine fell.

For more details, view the articles for the individual levels.


IWD Severed Hand layout.svg


  • shadowed orcs
  • shadowed elves


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