Tempus, also known as Tempos by the barbarians in the north, is the god of war, battles also known as the Lord of Battles. His dogma is about honourable battles, forbidding cowardice, and the use of force of arms to settle disputes. His worshippers are warriors, barbarians and priests devoted to him.

Although war is a destructive process, the church of Tempus doesn't approve mindless slaughter and destruction. Even tough Tempus's dogma is the opposite to Eldath, goddess of peace, as he knows that war without peace is meaningless, he orders that all followers of Eldath must not be harmed. Followers of the Battle Lord that fail to follow this command, are punished


Easthaven is a holy site for followers Tempus, since the sacrifice of the barbarian shaman Jerrod in order to close a portal connected to the Lower Planes which spawned demons. The sacrifice of Jerrod is the introduction to the game and Jerrod's Stone is guarded in the Temple of Tempus in Easthaven ever since.

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