The Golden Lodge is a small temple or a shrine dedicated to the goddess of commerce, Waukeen. It can be found in the center of the town of Lonelywood.The only priest located here and owner of this temple is Quinn Silverfinger, a halfling. He provides healing services for those in need and as a duty to the goddess of trade, he is also willing to sell weapons and armor. He has many unique and powerful items in stock, which are expensive. He also sells +1 and +2 generic armor in terms of enchantment and high quality weapons and bags. This is content from the Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter expansion pack.

Healing servicesEdit

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Buy and sellEdit

At this shop, you can sell miscellaneous items such as Winter Wolf Pelts, Broken Armor, gems, weapons, armor, ammunition and more. Quinn sell items for 150% of their item value if Charisma has no effect on the prices and buys items from the party at 50% of their value. The following items are for sale at this temple:

Item image Item name Stock Selling price
Amaunator's Legacy 1
Flail of Mae 1
Inconsequence 1
Kinetic Spear 1
Three White Doves 1
Force Bullets x5 5
Waukeen's Defender 1
Oil of Second Chances 5
Leather Armor +2 2
Studded Leather Armor +1 2
Chainmail +2 2
Plate Mail +1 2
Bracers of Defense A.C. 6 2
Ring of Protection +1 2
Ring of Protection +2 1
High Quality Two-handed Sword 1
High Quality Longsword 1
High Quality Shortsword 1
High Quality Battle Axe 1
High Quality War Hammer 1
High Quality Mace 1
High Quality Halberd 1
High Quality Dagger 1
Stone to Flesh scroll Unlimited
Gem Bag 1
Scroll Case 1
Potion Bag 1