The Vale of Shadows is the fourth area available to you and the second wild area. Containing several yeti's and one yeti chieftain, walking around clearing the enemies this area can be quite lucrative. (Hint: Don't sell any of the yeti pelts until you've slain them all, as selling them will devalue them at your next sale.) Killing the yeti chieftain (middle-south of the map in front of an ice cave and under the large statue in the centre) will allow you to loot a necklace needed for a quest.

Aside from the yeti's there will also be several lesser shadows roaming around, guarding the 4 crypts and 1 greater crypt. Only at the greater crypt (upper left corner) will they respawn. Around this area there will also be a shadow, which cannot be harmed with regular weapons. Adviced is to save offensive spells for this monster and to keep any magical knives (such as Applebane and the fire +1 knife) to equip against this monster and the many more you'll encounter soon enough.

The ice cave will lead to three or four more yeti's guarding four locked boxes containing loot. The lesser crypts will contain several undead (it's adviced to keep your turn undead units using this skill the entire time) including a few keys. It's uncertain whether collecting these keys yields much virtue for the greater crypt to come.

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