The Winter's Cradle Tavern is the local tavern in Easthaven.

Description Edit

This tavern is the property of Grisella, who runs the place as well. There are no lootable containers in this building. She has a short quest for the player to kill four beetles in the cellar of the building. The party gains 140 from killing the creatures, some experience for completing the quest and 5 Gold Pieces.

Every party starts the game in this tavern and several seconds later, they are greeted by Hrothgar, who is an experience warrior and leader of the town. He needs adventurers and warriors who can join him on his expedition.


Drink Gold Rumor chance
Winter Wine 5 50
Mead 4 25
Frost Giant Yellow Snow Melt 2 20
Grisella's Dale Ale 1 15
Luskan Stout 3 20
Cormyran Brandy 10 60
Knee Knacker Cider 4 25


Available rumors

A stranger clad in woodland garb staggered into town the other night and collapsed on the doorstep over at the temple. They say he was poisoned. His face was all purple and blue, and his tongue had swelled up so's that he eventually choked to death on it. Not a pleasant way to go, if you ask me.

I hear tell that a fellow over in Bryn Shander taught a tundra yeti to talk. Isn't that something?

I've heard that some of the caravans headed south over the Spine of the World have been attacked lately. Some say it isn't bandits neither, if you get my meaning.

Snowfall in the Spine of the World Mountains is particularly heavy this year. If it keeps up, the passes will be sealed for months.

Strange lights have been flickering and flashing in the temple lately. At least that's what Old Jed would have you believe. More than likely it's the booze that's making the lights dance in front of his eyes. He just happens to be looking at the temple when it kicks in.

That bitter old man Apsel the Scrimshander said that he saw goblins in the south woods last tenday. He may THINK he saw goblins, but his vision's only worth anything when he's a finger's breadth away from a piece of knucklehead.